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This dataset encompasses a wide range of license plates from different corners of the world. It’s suitable for developing and training license plate recognition systems, as well as for analyzing design and structural differences of plates from various countries. Our dataset provides you with high-quality images, annotations, and data anonymization.

Vehicle License Plates

Audio recordings and transcriptions of a variety of conversations from contact centers. It’s a treasure trove for developers working on automatic speech recognition systems, sentiment analysis, and enhancing customer service quality. We guarantee data anonymity and high-quality content.

Contact Center Transcripts

Datasets, unified soil composition, water body data, drone-generated aerial images of fields, and photos of plant diseases. It’s an invaluable resource for agrotechnology, providing valuable insights for optimizing agricultural processes and combating plant diseases.

Agricultural Data

Several datasets contain medical histories, annotated X-ray images, and tomography data. It’s a valuable resource for developing diagnostic systems, AI in medicine, and improving healthcare quality.

Medical Data

Datasets comprise thousands of street photos captured by surveillance cameras worldwide. This dataset is perfect for developing video surveillance systems, traffic analysis, urban planning, and enhancing public safety.

Street Surveillance Photos

Annotated videos from YouTube, providing an extensive collection for content analysis, recommendation systems, and object recognition.

Annotated YouTube Videos

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